Ready to Become a Calm, Confident, Happy, Healthy Mom?

Is your mood all over the place?
Are you living in exhaustion?
Are you overwhelmed as a mom?

Let's get down and dirty:  

When you think about self improvement, you may envision reading self-help books, talking to a counselor, or even using a journal.


This experience is for busy mamas who feel like they are going through the motions of life. Because let's be honest ~ motherhood is hard yo!

Kids don't come with a manual, there is very little training for moms and all we know is what we came from. Imagine finding your sweet spot where you don't feel suffocated by your amazing mom life!

With this workshop you will learn how to:

* Improve your life
* Maintain health and happiness
* Get unstuck so you can enjoy your life and your kids
* Find your strengths and weaknesses so we can focus on your strengths and live out of them
* Be the calm, confident, happy, healthy mom you desire to be

A recording will be sent out if you can't attend live.

Grab this workshop and walk away with ~

* Tips, tools you can use with your parenting today
* A workbook for you to take notes during the experience
* Be seen, heard and encouraged in your motherhood journey

Become the calm, confident, happy, healthy mom you desire to be today.

You'll leave being less anxious, less overwhelmed, less like a hot mess and MORE calm, confident, happy and healthy. 

We all know we've spent waaay more than that at Target on things we didn't really need, right? Why not invest in yourself and your family and become the calm, confident, happy and healthy mama you want to be.

**BONUS** You will also get a personalize 20 minute 1:1 call with Melissa to help you find your mama calm.