Fresh Slate in 28

A simple group coaching program to help BRILLIANT women lose weight without the diet, without deprivation, while adding in healthy foods with family friendly recipes.  

24/7 WELLESS GUIDANCE, RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET {Perfect for every busy woman!} 


Is this YOU?

Not finding time to take care of yourself because you are busy caring for your family? {Hello drive thru more than you'd like to admit?}  

Feeling suffocated by your amazing life so you are living on caffeine and sugar? {Binge eating in the pantry or crying in the bathroom?}  

Have tried every diet and "plan" under the sun to lose weight, but haven't found one that gives you results that last, and fit into your full life?

Exhausted? Stressed? Overwhelmed? See other busy moms around you thriving and wonder how they do it?


I was stressed. I was overwhelmed. I felt like a crazy mom.  

Now I feel like I cracked the code, because I'm not stressed anymore.  

I'm not hangry.  

I'm not moody.  

I'm not running on fumes. 

I'm that energetic mom I always wanted to be.  

With Fresh Slate in 28, you get: 

* 28 day recipe guide full of delicious, healthy recipes {meals and snacks} Ditch the diet while healing your gut, and learn how to eat for your individual body. 

* 4 Weeks of Suggested Meals Easy, delicious meal suggestions that will increase energy, decrease bloat and reduce sugar cravings.  

* A Shopping List  

* Easy to use app to keep you on track.

* Private forum for encouragement, community, support, and training  

* Expert guest trainings to give you the “skinny” on two hot weight loss myths no one is talking about.

* 15 minute personalized strategy call with me after the program  

* Melissa with you every step of the way as your coach and cheerleader with weekly trainings {nutrition, fitness, stress management, and sleep} that will empower and educate you.  

End the overwhelm! 

There is so much information {misinformation} about can we even fit that into our busy day? I have a step by step plan for the busy woman to end the exhaustion and overwhelm. Stop dieting, start living.

Live a healthy lifestyle, not a quick fix!

What if you had a simple plan to get the junk food out and the healthy food in, even if your schedule is jam packed? And, you don't even need to buy supplements.

This was me before and now.

You don't have to feel fried.

You will look in the mirror and love what you see.

You will end overwhelm. 

You won't be that tired mom upset and crying in the pantry.

Fresh Slate in 28 is Your Solution!



Hey friend! I know you see all the information out there on all the latest fad diets, there's a LOT of it out there! It can be so overwhelming to know what works for YOU! You've probably tried most of them too ~ counting points, counting calories, counting macros, doing all of the hours of exercise with it too, yet you still feel stuck and in overwhelm. The Fresh Slate in 28 is for you!  

I've been in your shoes. Tired of struggling with your weight, feeling exhausted and wondering if anything wil ever work for you. You feel stuck. Name a diet, I bet you have been on it {I was too}, but to no avail. 

Fresh Slate in 28 is choosing unprocessed foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature and friendly for your blood sugar. There are a ton of tasty foods that fit this description, so don’t worry, you won’t go hungry and you’ll enjoy eating! {They are also kid friendly} You'll be surpised about how tasty and nourishing these foods are that are good for you! If you love to eat, I got you!  

This is 28 days of eating real, unprocessed food; food that nourishes your body and gives it what it needs and wants. This is also family friendly!


When you join the Fresh Slate in 28, you will have access to an app where you'll find six different tools designed to transform your lifestyle. You'll also receive live coaching from a certifed holistic health coach!

Body Sleep is vital to our health, yet so often not talked about. How does sleep affect our health? What about elimination? How is your body doing eliminating toxins?

Live Coaching Let’s ditch the information overload and give you proven, simple information so you can have sustainable healthy habits and weight loss. Trainings are power-packed full of information so you can feel better and look better.

Condition This is where we connect the dots on how your lifestyle is making you feel.

Nourishment Food is fuel and so vital to our health, yet it's so often overlooked. In fact, most of our "food" isn't real food today. 

Recipes Lots of amazing, delicious, family friendly recipes to enjoy. Along with meal suggestions and shopping list. Easy to follow recipes that will help you debloat and lose the belly bloat.

Community You're never alone here! Access messaging from within the app, along with a group forum and live trainings.

Fresh Slate in 28

Everything you need in one program for only $97!


Bonus #1  

Be one of the first 25 people to sign up for the Fresh Slate in 28 and get a FREE 2020 Reset Call!! This is an individual 60 minute call with me where we outline and set New Year's goals that are just right for YOU! {$150 value}  

Bonus #2  

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Clean Food and Buying Organic Food in the market.  

Bonus #3 Because chocolate is life, grab my ebook on "How to be a Healthy Chocoholic." It's awesome!

Melissa Rohlfs is a certified health coach who had such a dramatic transformation by ditching the diet and eating real food. Because her transformation was so life changing, she felt called to become a certified holistic health and life coach through the Health Coach Institute.  

She teaches busy, overwhelmed women how to break the sugar cravings and lose weight fo good. She teaches women how to nourish their body by eating real delicious food!

If you have questions, please set up a call here. Happy to answer anything!