You can be free!

Imagine a life where you are calm, confident and at peace. Around food. Around sugar. In stressful situations. In your body. In your life. Are you ready to be FREE?

Let's go sister, the journey begins!

Because if you've been struggling with stress eating and sugar cravings, you know.

You’ve been dealing with one of these annoying frustrations ~
{check all that apply}...

* Weight gain, it's so frustrating when those clothes are tight!

* Moodiness and irritability, that can only be {temporarily} fixed with something sweet.

* Lack of energy.

* Eating out of boredom, loneliness, or stress. You know what to do, yet get hung up on HOW to stop doing it.

* Anxiety, depression. 

* The social pressures to eat foods that don’t work for you {and sabotage you} is high.  Look at all the treats we are bombarded with on a daily basis!

*You are in the pantry because that's where the Oreos and chocolate are. You feel like you can't wait to eat it because of the relief it brings. The high, the bliss, the sweetness, yet also feeling guilt because you aren't hungry, think that you are a failure, that there is something wrong with you, and wonder why do you ALWAYS need sugar.  I’ve been there, sister. I was the queen of hiding in the pantry for a "fix!"

Let’s be real for a quick minute ~


Sugar alters our biochemical pathways and is ultimately eight times more addictive than cocaine. And our dopamine levels ~ or reward centers ~ are turned on when we eat. The problem? Over time, we need to eat more and more sugar to obtain that same level of dopamine release.

And,  what many people don’t realize ~ and I didn’t realize this myself either ~ is that we’re often times CREATING our cravings, unknowingly, based on what we are eating, or not eating!

YES. It’s time to make some much-needed changes.

Finding Freedom, is a step by step sisterhood that eliminates old patterns and teaches you how to live in freedom.

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed, exhausted and having a never ending to do list. You want to be healthy and free, you know what to do, yet get stuck on the HOW.

You know what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked and you are losing hope. 

I got you girl, let's find your freedom!

If you're shaking your head and saying "I'm ready," you're in the right place.

I've got your back!


That’s why you’re here.

You might be thinking — “but I’ve tried everything to tame my sweet tooth, reduce cravings and lose weight. I’ve fasted, done diets, pills, shakes, patches, and I’m STILL in the same place.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there.

Which is why I know that the solution to your sweet tooth and stress eating is NOT another diet or plan, and it’s also not quitting because you are so frustrated.  I get it.

Your diet plans may not have worked, but giving up is not the answer, either. The key is to find what works for you and your UNIQUE body type. {The one size fit all diets don't work, girl!}


In case we haven't met yet, I'm Melissa Rohlfs. I'm the creator of Free 2 B Coaching and a holistic health and life coach.

My specialty?
 I specialize in helping women break free from sugar and emotional/stress eating so they can be calm, confident and at peace. Long story short: my relationship with food and myself has been a hot mess. I often used food {sugar} so push down feelings. But now I’m free, I’m healthy, and I’m here to help you be calm, confident and at peace.

My Finding Freedom approach helps women feel empowered in their own skin and in their bodies as they learn what their body needs and how to honor and respect their unique body type. Finding Freedom is a beautiful process that focuses on long term habit change so you can be free from the struggle with food ~ counting, portioning, withholding, exercising too much, and all that surrounds that.  Free to be yourself and learn to listen, honor, nourish and respect your beautiful body.  I’ve taken what I learned on my long, painful journey and condensed it for you so you don’t have to take the long painful road I did.


Yes, nutrition impacts your cravings. With some simple changes {and yummy recipes}, you can start nourishing your body with foods that support your health goals instead of working against you.


Truth: no food plan, diet program, plan, or amount of food can overcome the damage that chronic stress, toxic relationships, bad attitudes, or lack of sleep creates. Your health depends on your habits and that goes for your weight too.


Know what happens when you get your food and lifestyle in check?
You become free to be the best version of yourself!

You are calm, confident and at peace.  Around food.  Around sugar.  In stressful situations.  In your body.  In your life.  With your feelings.

You feel amazing in your clothes!

You remember what having ENERGY feels like!

You release the excess weight because you learn what your body needs and how to honor and respect YOUR unique body type.

Cravings decrease and food loses it’s grip on you. You are FREE!

The best part? You are free from the struggle with food and able to show up in the world as your calm confident, and peaceful self!

You’re ready to be calm. 
You’re ready to be confident. 
You’re ready to be at peace. 
You are ready to be free.

You’re ready to live and enjoy the life you really want to be living.

And you’re about to, because I know that you’re finally READY to make this commitment to YOURSELF.

Introducing the program, community, and support you need to break free from sugar and emotional eating to be the best version of yourself.


In short, I created Finding Freedom as a way to help more women like YOU get the nutrition and lifestyle support they really need, AND at a price they could afford. I don’t want cost to prohibit anyone from finding freedom!

What is Finding Freedom really?

Finding Freedom is a sisterhood that provides its members with custom protocols, recipes, community, and ongoing group support.

But Finding Freedom is not just a program, it’s a movement. Where women find freedom and reclaim their health and life together.

What you’ll get when you join the Sisterhood ~


Imagine being able to get all of your sugar and emotional eating questions answered AND hear from others LIVE on the phone. You’ll get to do that once a month.

ONE MONTHLY TRAINING WORKSHOP that comes with in-depth resource guides and action plans to help you apply what you learn.

Each month we will unlock a new pillar that will lay the foundation for the healthy habits and changes you desire to make...that last!


A community of other women finding freedom. We know the journey is more fun with others!

MONTHLY MOTIVATIONAL CHALLENGES ranging from sleep to hydration challenges, these challenges are led by yours truly with additional livestreams and these have been designed to keep you on point with your protocol because #prizes! Who doesn’t like those?

30 DAYS OF MEAL SUGGESTIONS AND RECIPES each month specifically tailored to cravings, so you can eat yummy food AND still heal.

PERSONAL SHOPPING LISTS to make gathering the food you need to prep your meals as easy as possible.

GUIDES for your journey! A new one each month that pertains to the topic of the month. I want you to be set up for life!

BONUS GOODIES each quarter to support you on your freedom journey. This may be a program, free coaching, a bonus workshop, etc.

What is Finding Freedom Worth?

Finding Freedom is valued at approximately $2,997

 What’s Your Investment?



That’s less than a daily Starbucks habit, less than an hour long spa massage, a gym membership, and about one million TIMES the value of your lifelong health.


Can we put a price on that? I don't think so, sister!

PLUS, when you invest in your health, you’re also giving back to the world. 


How to join us and find freedom ~

  • Click any of the JOIN NOW buttons you see here.
  • You may use any major credit card to complete your purchase.
  • Once you submit payment, you’ll get an immediate WELCOME email with all of your log-in details to access your content and join the sisterhood online!
  • You start healing your relationship with food, have amazing energy and become more calm, confident and at peace.

You might be thinking… “but I’ve already tried everything. How do I know THIS will work?”

First, let me say this: “I get it.” Most of the women who join Finding Freedom are in the exact same place as you right now.

They’ve tried everything they can ~ plans, programs, eating too little, exercising too much, you get the idea. Or worse, they’ve been promised that whatever solution they’ve been given is the “only” way, over and over again, only to be disappointed when it also DOES NOT WORK.

Here is how Finding Freedom is different...

Finding Freedom is NOT a one-size-fits-all program because we are not one size fits all people!

You only get out of it what you put into it.

Finding Freedom is not about FAST results, it’s about lasting impact. So while your results may feel magical, this sisterhood is not a “magic bullet.” It’s a natural approach based on food science, and your unique body type and learning to listen to and respect that. All that said, you have to commit to the sisterhood and do the work in order to heal.

You only need to give it your all for THREE MONTHS.

This is my test drive policy. I’m so confident that you’ll SEE results if you’re putting in the work that I personally guarantee it. If you do the work and don’t see results, you can cancel ANYTIME after the first three months, no questions asked. After the first three months, your investment will be $47/month should you continue in the sisterhood.

Real Women Who Found Freedom

"There have been so many moments in this journey that were like a switch turned on & I just think and feel differently about food, myself, & my health. It's truly empowering & I don't feel stuck anymore. Melissa has helped me discover those tools to keep me calm, the knowledge to know what my body needs & the confidence to take care of myself.

Which everyone deserves!"

~ Michelle M.

"I learned to listen to my body and be in a whole new MINDSET. Ditching toxic PEOPLE, understanding and going through elimination processes with foods to see what works for ME and what doesn’t or causes inflammation. Melissa's helped change my LIFE. Not just my diet."

~ Kristi R. 

"There is something very empowering about being comfortable in your own skin. As I begin to love who I am, I was able to become such a better human to others around me. I found myself steering away from things like judging others or getting quick to become angry about something and more about staying calm during situations."

~ Michelle V.


What Is Finding Freedom? 

A sisterhood filled with practical tools and support to guide you into a lifestyle where you are free from the struggle with food. You can go through the course alone, or you can have the course and coaching.

How is Finding Freedom different? 

It is a deeper look into our habits, specifically diving into changes in the mind, body and spirit for each topic we discuss. 

Will this work for me?

This is for you if.. You have tried finding freedom from food on your own, but found yourself slipping back into old habits.

What's exactly inside Finding Freedom?

The Finding Freedom will have coaching videos/exercises for you in the VIP member area with a deeper dive into your mind, body and spirit from a holistic view.  Support of the tribe will include a separate Facebook group with like minded sisters who are finding freedom.  Don't forget all the handouts mentioned above, too!

One more thing, girl!

I’m not here to talk about what food you are eating or what exercises you "should be" doing. I am here to help you get unstuck and find freedom! We won't be talking about calories, carbs, macros, etc. We will talk about how to listen to your body and discover which foods are best for you and your unique body type, and how to listen to and honor YOUR unique body. Your freedom awaits!

Join Finding Freedom Sisterhood Now for Only



Final Note From Melissa {that’s me}...

Finding Freedom is  a process that focuses on long term habit change so you can be free from the struggle with food ~ counting, portioning, withholding, exercising too much, and all that surrounds that.  Free to be yourself and learn to listen, honor, nourish and respect your beautiful body.  I’ve taken what I learned on my long, painful journey and condensed it for you so you don’t have to take the long painful road I did.

What I want most for you is to be free!

And if I know anything about YOU, it’s this: YOU’RE WORTH IT.