Find freedom from the food struggle. For good!

It's not what you think! I'm not talking about going on a diet....we are getting to the root of WHY you struggle with food.


You've tried everything to lose weight. Yet you can't get the scale or your pant size to budge. You feel stuck. You don't know what to do because you've tried it all.

You think if you had more willpower, or more discipline or didn't keep certain foods in the house, you could get your desired results.

However, that's not true! The truth is ~ you don't need more willpower, more discipline or to withhold certain foods.

I guarantee there is ONE thing you haven't done or been taught yet. Grab this video and learn what the missing piece is for you!

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What do I know about the struggle with food?

I'm glad you asked! I’m Melissa, a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach. I help teen girls and women find freedom from the struggle with food.

I know you're struggling because I've been right where you are! When my children were small, I was completely overwhelmed in my life. I wanted to be an amazing, do-it-all parent, but didn't have the tools or strategies in place to raise my children in a way I was called to. This led me to feel stuck, frustrated, and doubting myself. I felt so busy going about the daily grind, and ate mindlessly while associating food with guilt and failure, which is crazy because food is how we nourish and fuel our bodies!

Me, post college, around 2001.

Me, married, with kids, 2020.

After my own long struggle, I figured it out. And, got certified through the Health Coach Institute. Now, I’m committed to help teen girls and women learn how to thrive by redefining their relationship with food. Ready to go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused and out of control around food to feeling at peace, empowered and confident around food, in your body and in your life? Let's do this!

You can find my credentials here.