Want to get through the holidays without eating your way through them?

Do the holidays throw you over the edge and you find yourself eating more pies and cookies because they are there and you're overwhelmed?

Do you want to feel calm, confident, peaceful AND enjoy a more energetic, active holiday season? 

Do you do really well for a few days then "fall off track" because life happened?

The workshop on How to Get Through The Holidays Without Eating Your Way Through Them will cover all this, and more!

Are you ready to get in control of this food thing, once and for all?

If so, I got you, girl!

Is this you when it comes to food?

You find yourself eating when you are ~

Getting through the week?

And the eating doesn't solve anything?

You've tried everything to change ~

Counting calories
Counting points
Counting macros

You think real change is impossible. Not to mention the shame spiral that goes with it.

What if you need to learn the truth? That it's not just what you eat, but about WHY.

If so, I got you, girl!

It's time to learn simple solutions to stop this shame cycle and find freedom....just in time for the holidays!