Attention: Tired, Busy Moms Who Are Done With Relying On Willpower To Avoid Sugar… Watch Your Cravings Almost Disappear In Just 5 Days Without Having To Give Up All Sugar.  

Sugar Free Kit Includes:  

* 5 Days of Meal Suggestions * Over 20 Recipes * Support from a holistic health coach around sugar ~ how to handle cravings, simple swaps and more!  

Gimme the Goods!

Hi, I'm Melissa, a busy wife and mama! I used to live off of sugar. Now that I don't live off of it, I am amazed at how much energy I have and how much better I feel. I want to show you how to do that too! Sugar does NOT have to control you anymore!  

~ Melissa Rohlfs Holistic Health Coach 

"I appreciate the checking in on me and my progress and overall care for my well being even on my off days which have been great lately knowing Melissa is behind me 100% is a motivator." ~ Laura H.  

"My coach, Melissa, is an encourager and incredibly transparent about her own journey that relates well to everyone." ~ Stacey M.

"You are the best coach for me. You don't let me quit and you work thru problem areas with me until you know I have it. I love the accountability groups for exactly what they are meant to be. I like to hear about others progress and gives me determination to work through this journey." ~ Jennifer D.

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